Important informations

Our products are handmade, thus every piece is unique and patterns may change from the examples shown. Cork contains organic pigments. Just like any other wood product, cork will fade and should never be exposed directly to sunlight. In case of sunlight exposure, to avoid uneven fading we recommend to change chair’s position often. Differences in fabric’s tone, or changes in the structure of wood grain are specific to material type and can not be guaranteed or controlled during production. Do not place hot objects on fabric nor wood surfaces. In case of solid wood structure, small cracks are possible to happen in extreme cases and should not be considered as a defect.

Product care

We recommend product CARE for cleaning and maintenance of chairs. With a dry and clean cloth, apply evenly on cork fabric for better strength and durability.

All lacquered and metallic surfaces can be cleaned only with water through a dry cloth to remove any particle of dust or other abrasive material. Do not use solvents or any kind of abrasives materials.